Robert Sorby PEKJIG ProEdge Knife Jig

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Product Description

A ProEdge Knife Jig allows your ProEdge to sharpen knives. The adjustable collar on the arm allows for steep and shallow bevels.

Use the small jig for pocket knives and blades up to 8″ long, the large jig is for blades over 8″.

The ProEdge Knife Jig comes with:

  • Full instructions.
  • Back Plate
  • Raised Wear Plate
  • Universal Arm
  • Knife Holder of your choice

Should you need to you can also buy the Robert Sorby Knife Holders on their own.

Robert Sorby recommend the Proedge Trizact Belts for sharpening knife blades.  Start with the 600 grit and work up to to the 3000 grit for a razor sharp finish.