Simon Hope Drum Sander

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Product Description

A Simon Hope Drum Sander is a great way to reduce the amount of time taken to sand your work back to a smooth finish. It is particularly effective on large flat areas or those that feature gentle curves. Three sizes of drum allow you to quickly produce a good finish on anything but the most intricate of shapes.

When mounting the Simon Hope Drum Sander on a lathe you will need the 2MT Lathe Adaptor. Hold the drum in place using the tail stock. A Pillar Drill Adaptor is also available.

Use with Velcro Backed Abrasive. Cut the abrasive to size and use the groove in each drum to locate the abrasive, then roll the sheet around the drum away from you. This ensures that when the lathe is turning the end of the abrasive doesn’t catch and tear. In addition, allow the abrasive paper to curve over the end of the drum slightly, this will help prevent marks.