Simon Hope Power Sanding Kit

Simon Hope Power Sanding Kit Box

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Simon Hope Drill Mount Sanding System

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Product Description

Simon Hope power sanding kit for use in powered drills.

The power sanding kit is designed to be used with electric or cordless drills. The kit comes supplied with a quick change bit which is fitted into the drill chuck, then the sanding arbors can be quickly fitted.

The arbors have a hexagon shank (will not fit Simon Hope Pro Sanders) to give a secure hold in the quick release bit. Removable Velcro pads can be changed if required.

Velcro backed sanding discs are simply pressed onto the sanding pads and peeled off for changing.

Tip: When removing the sanding discs hold the edge of the sanding pad with your thumb as you peel away the sanding discs, this will ensure longer life of the Velcro pads.

The Simon Hope Power sanding kit contains the following:

  • 1 – Quick release bit.
  • 6 – 47mm arbors.
  • 2 – Spare Velcro pads.
  • 20 – 50mm 120 grit sanding discs.
  • 20 – 50mm 180 grit sanding discs.
  • 20 – 50mm 240 grit sanding discs.
  • 20 – 50mm 320 grit sanding discs.
  • 20 – 50mm 400 grit sanding discs.
  • 20 – 50mm 600 grit sanding discs.

Simon Hope Power Sanding Kit Box Review
Fred Mitchell Bowl

I’ve seen sanding Arbors being used by demonstrators for several years and could never decide on which type too go for, after much consideration I finally made the investment of getting the Hope power sanding kit box and I’m so glad I did! The Arbors are brilliant and perfectly sized for finishing the bowls I turn, the abrasive pads are very clearly marked in packets of twenty (a surprisingly large amount!) and it makes sanding so much faster (I sanded the bowl pictured in just 15 minutes!). Make sure too only apply pressure to one edge at a time putting it onto the centre gets the equivalent of a catch and will only damage the sanders (I was lucky enough to be told this and not need to learn from experience).

  • Overall 10/10
  • Versatility 9/10
  • Value 10/10
  • Quality 10/10