Simon Hope quick release handles
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Simon Hope Quick Release Handles

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Quick Release Handle System

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Product Description

The Simon Hope quick release handles are the base of a super system.

The handles are made in the UK and the main body has been CNC manufactured for pin point accuracy, this is given a soft grip handle. The Collets are manufactured in a highly shock absorbent plastic which will not lose it’s grip on the shaft of the gouge.

The quick release handle has a twist lock locking system, so there is no need to adjust allen screws. Also, instead of the gouge shaft being griped by only two points of contact the Simon Hope quick release handles tightens down onto the collet which grips right around the shaft.

Simon Hope quick release handles are available in three lengths:

  • 10″ (250mm).
  • 14″ (350mm). – Sold Out.
  • 20″ (500mm).

To use you simply unscrew the locking top, add the collet for the size of gouge to be used, replace the locking top, insert gouge and tighten. The gouge is firmly held and ready to use. To release simply unscrew the locking top by a few twists, lever the gouge to one side to unlock.

There is a range of Ashley Iles double ended bowl and spindle gouges designed to complement this system.  At one end there is a long grind and at the other a standard grind. Simon also has had two Ashley Iles spindle roughing gouges adapted to round shafts so these can be used also in the system.

The beauty of this system is that you can use the gouge at whatever length required. Quickly swap from standard grind to long grind gouges.

Each of the handles are supplied with three sizes of collet:

  • 9.8mm.
  • 13mm.
  • 16.5mm.

Each of these collets reduce by up to 1mm when tightened. The collets will grip round gouge sizes 1/4″ (6mm), 3/8″ (10mm) and 1/2″ (13mm).

The long Pro Sander shaft can also be used with this system.

Note: These handles have been superseded by a new design of Simon Hope Quick Release Handle.