SOV-67DBS Sovereign 6 Piece Turning Tool Set

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Product Description

If you are new to woodturning then you should consider the SOV-67DBS Sovereign 6 Piece Turning Tool Set.  Within its Birch and Beech storage case you will find a well thought out set of quality tools designed to provide a range of turning possibilities.

This set of tools is the Sovereign system equivalent of the very popular Robert Sorby 67HS tool set. The difference here is the Sovereign handle system which in this kit includes the 12″ handle with an additional 4″ handle extension. This allows you to have a 16″ tool handle if required.

SOV-67DBS Sovereign 6 Piece Turning Tool Set Contents

  • Spindle Roughing Gouge 3/4″.
  • Spindle Gouge 3/8″.
  • Bowl Gouge 3/8″.
  • Standard Skew Chisel 3/4″.
  • Standard Parting Tool 1/8″.
  • Round Nosed Scraper 1/2″.
  • Sovereign 12″ Handle.
  • Sovereign 4″ Handle Extension.
  • Diamond Honing Card 600 Grit.
  • 3/8″ Collet to fit 3/8″ tools.
  • Collet for 1/2″ shanks.
  • Collet to fit tang tools.
  • Threaded Coupler.
  • DVD: Starting Out Woodturning.