SOV-C Sovereign System Collets

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Robert Sorby Sovereign System handle Collets

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Product Description

SOV-C Sovereign system collets offer a flexible way to use almost any unhandled turning tools with the Sovereign system.

Slip the collet into the end of the Sovereign handle and then insert the required tool.

There are 4 versions of the SOV-C Sovereign system collets. SOV-CT tang which enables flat tang mounted tools. SOV-CO6 gives a 1/4″  opening used on 1/4″ size spindle gouges. SOV-C10 3/8″ opening used with all 1/4″ bowl gouges and 3/8″ spindle gouges. SOV-C13  1/2″ opening for 3/8″ bowl gouges and 1/2″ spindle gouges.

Any tool with a 5/8″ shank will fit directly into the handle without the aid of the collet.