SOV-3370DBS Sovereign Texturing Tool Set

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The Ultimate Spiralling & Texturing Tools Set

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Product Description

SOV-3370DBS Sovereign Texturing Tool Set by Robert Sorby.

This superb spiralling and texturing tool set is perfect for anybody looking to decorate their work.

Both full size and micro unhandled texturing systems are included, covers the full range of possible turning projects. The full size system has a 12″ Sovereign Softex grip handle which is extendible to 16″ using the new 4″ extension. The micro texturing system is supplied with a 195mm micro handle.

The Sovereign texturing tool set enables you to to cut a variety of spiral patterns. It’s range of spiral cutters suit work big and small. The range of cutters included allows for a wide range of decorative options.

The Robert Sorby Sovereign Texturing Tool Set Contents

  • 330S Unhandled Spiralling System.
  • 350/0 Texturing Cutter.
  • 350/2 2mm Spiral Cutter.
  • 350/4 4mm Spiral Cutter.
  • 350/6 6mm Spiral Cutter.
  • 370/0 Unhandled Micro Spiralling Tool.
  • 370/01 Fine Spiral Cutter.
  • 370/2 Medium Spiral Cutter.
  • 370/03 Texturing Cutter.
  • SOV12 12″ Sovereign Soft Grip Handle.
  • SOV-EXT 4″ Extension Handle.
  • SOV-TC Handle Threaded Coupler.
  • SOV-C13 1/2″ Collet.
  • 889 195mm Micro Handle.
  • DS600 600 Grit Diamond Honing Stone.
  • RSDVDDT Decorative Techniques DVD.

Robert Sorby SOV-3370DBS Sovereign Texturing Tool Set Review

Would recommend this set for both quality and cost and value.

As you would expect a well presented made set of tools within a neat and sturdy storage box. Easy to follow instructions giving many texturing choices.

Supplied by Oliver’s in double quick time.