SOV-RSTMDBS Sovereign Turnmaster Set

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Product Description

This Sovereign Turnmaster Set is part of a range of woodturning tools that has risen to be one of the most popular in the world.  Practical and genuinely useful without costing a fortune. Mount your most frequently used cutting tips in the three supplied tool heads and quickly swap between them, no need to buy three tools. This set will suit the beginner or experienced woodturner looking for a flexible cutter tool.

With a range of cutting tips and three tip holding tool heads you can pre-set the required tips for the task ahead.

A practical and cost effective alternative to a much larger collection of tools.

SOV-RSTMDBS Sovereign Turnmaster Set contents

  • Turnmaster Shank with HSS detailing point fitted.
  • Round Tip.
  • Detail Point Tip.
  • Square Tip.
  • French Curve Tip.
  • Teardrop Tip.
  • Mushroom Tip.
  • Dovetail Tip.
  • 2x Heads.
  • Standard Parting Tool 1/4″.
  • Sovereign 12″ Handle.
  • Sovereign 4″ Handle Extension.
  • Diamond Honing Stone 600 Grit.
  • Tang Collect Adaptor.

Robert Sorby Sovereign Turnmaster Review

This product may seem expensive at first glance, however it is an all in one tool and extremely well engineered. Taking all into account. This is highly recommended.