STB Stebcentre

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Stebcentres for Maximum Grip

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Product Description

The Stebcentre, with a patented design manufactured by Robert Sorby, offers the ultimate grip for wood mounted between centres.

The Stebcentre has a spring loaded point which revolves freely. Sharp teeth around the outer ring of the Stebcentre bite into the wood, maximizing the grip while the wood is mounted between centres on the lathe.

While the Stebcentre gives a secure grip, it also reduces the risk of the wood splitting due to the way the pressure is distributed over several points of contact with the surface of the timber.

Another feature of the Stebcentre is its ability to allow you to freely check the wood while mounted on the lathe. If you back off the tailstock a little, the wood will still be held between the point of the Stebcentre and the point of the live centre. The wood can be turned freely by hand for inspection without having to remove it from the lathe.

Stebcentres are available in:

  • 1MT.
  • 2MT.
  • 3MT.

With a range of head sizes:

  • 1/2″.
  • 7/8″.
  • 1 1/4″.

Robert Sorby STB Stebcentre Review

Another Robert Sorby quality product!
I needed such a Stebcentre (and got it).
Fits secure in the headstock spindle. Reliable gripping of the wood.
I use it sometimes for slight off centre turning. I’m happy!