Sweet Chestnut Bowl Blanks

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Sweet Chestnut Bowl Blanks Ready to Turn

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These Sweet Chestnut bowl blanks, once turned and finished, give a rich golden glow and will make a stunning looking bowl for almost any woodturner.

Sweet Chestnut cuts fairly well sometimes, as long as you have a sharp gouge on the end grain as it’s spinning. The timber is good for ebonising or scorching; the line on the bowl below is scorched on the raised rim using Chestnut Friction Polish.

The grain on Sweet Chestnut is fairly consistent, but it does provide a nice looking bowl once turned.

The Sweet Chestnut bowl blanks are kiln dried and sealed with paraffin wax.


Here is an example of what can be created using these Sweet Chestnut blanks.

Sweet Chestnut Turned Bowl

Sweet Chestnut Turned Bowl

Additional Information

Sweet Chestnut Bowl Blank Diameter

5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12"

Sweet Chestnut Bowl Blank Thickness

2", 3"