Sweet Chestnut Spindle Blanks

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Sweet Chestnut spindle blanks why not add a bit of colour.

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Product Description

Sweet Chestnut spindle blanks have a pinkie or yellow brown colour.  This wood offers something a bit different from the standard Oak.

Sweet Chestnut was known as a poor man’s Oak. But this no longer the case, nowadays Sweet Chestnut planks cost only a little less that Oak.

The timber has a lighter more open grain, which opens up endless possibilities add some of colour.

Some of the grain patenting can look something like Ash or Elm. Where other bits can look like Oak.

These Sweet Chestnut spindle banks are great to turn. It also sands up well. Beware of causing to much heat when sanding otherwise you could find little heat cracks on the surface of the wood, which can be a real pain to remove.

Like Oak Sweet Chestnut has a great deal of Tannin in it so works well with ebonising.

This can be done with a mix of wire wool placed in vinegar or lemon juice. (if you don’t want that vinegar smell) the fluid is then applied to the wood once sanded. Then watch the wood go black.

We supply Sweet Chestnut spindle blanks in 2 and 3 inch square sections, 12 and 16 inches long.

Additional Information

Sweet Chestnut Spindle Blank Size

2" x 2", 3" x 3"

Sweet Chestnut Spindle Blank Length

12", 16"