Universal Colour Pigments

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Product Description

Universal Colour Pigments (CULR™) are added to GlassCast resins to give them colour. Just a couple of drops will create a subtle tint but if you keep adding more pigment you will create some vivid colours for striking effects.

Add multiple colours in high concentration and gently stir the resin for swirl or smoky effects.

20ml of pigment can solidly colour 5kg of resin. Much less is required for translucent effects, you could colour 50kg of resin.

No other pigment is as concentrated.

Colours can be blended.

Choose from or mix the following colours:

  • Ash Grey
  • Cosmic Purple
  • Indigo Blue
  • Topaz Green
  • Leaf Green
  • Milk Choc Brown
  • Tangy Yellow
  • Tomato Red
  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Jet Black
  • Super White
  • Polished Copper
  • Polished Silver
  • Polished Gold

Available in 20ml.

Also available in sets. The Starter Sets contain all 10 colours and the Metallic Starter Sets contain only the metal colours.

You can add Super White to alter the intensity and transparency of the other colours.

The metallic colours can be used together with non metallic colours. The metallic effect will sit above the colour below. Imagine a metallic red river flowing through your cracked bowl or spindle.