Zap Slo CA Glue

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Super Thick, Super Strong Zap Slo-Zap CA Glue

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Product Description

Zap Slo Zap CA glue is a thick, very high viscosity formula which gives an incredibly strong bond.

As it is extra thick the Zap Slo Zap CA glue has gap filling properties. It is well suited to high stress bonding of wood, which makes it invaluable to the woodturner. Designed for hard woods such as Oak, it works well on splitting burrs. It is also very good for laminating woods together.

Setting time for Slo-Zap is around 60 seconds, giving plenty of time for adjustments when you need it.

Because this extra thick CA glue does not run like other CA glues you will need to make sure that you can fit the bottles nozzle into the areas to be glued.

Currently we only supply Slo-Zap in 56.6g (2oz) bottles.