ProEdge Demonstration for Tool Sharpening

We have a Robert Sorby ProEdge set up in our small showroom and every now and then I have given a quick ProEdge demonstration to a visiting customer.  Tool Sharpening with the ProEdge is one of the easiest ways to sharpen your tools. It’s very important in the world of woodturning to have good, sharp tooling. Trying to use tools that are not sharp will lead to poorly finished work and can be very dangerous as you will be pushing much harder on the tool to cut the wood.

Rather than me sit here trying to type a full description on how to sharpen your tools on a Robert Sorby ProEdge system we thought you would rather see how it works and see just how easy this machine is to use ( and it really is very easy ). So, we have put together a ProEdge demonstration.  It is in three parts and you can see them all below.  🙂

Please forgive any words that I’ve stumbled on, multi tasking is not one of my strong points. 🙂

So here we go – Oh and you can see the full Robert Sorby ProEdge here