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Glue Guns

Glue guns can play a big part in woodturning. The hot melt glue gun can be used in various ways form fixing a mounting plate to your work so it can be spun on the lathe or even decorating it.

We supply corded or cordless hot melt glue guns which take 11mm glue sticks.

Once the glue gun is heated up and the hot melt glue is ready to flow you will find that it soon sticks wood with a very strong hold. the hold is strong enough to mount the work on a lathe and turn the work without problem. But when the woods are wedged apart it separates fairly easily.

You will find that hot melt glue guns are in a range of styles and will take different sizes of glue sticks with the most common being 7mm or 11mm we are currently stocking the 11mm size glue guns but can quickly get and supply 7mm if required.

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Stanley Cordless Glue Gun

£15.30 (£18.36 incl. VAT)
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