Hollowing Tools

A specialised range of Hollowing Tools. Once the art of using this type of tool is mastered the hollowing tool can be a joy to use but if you are not used to them there is a bit of a learning curve.

The principle for cutting the timber is much the same as using a gouge. Offer the bevel to the surface to be cut and engage the cutting edge. The big difference is that when you are turning hollow forms you may be working blind or at depth.

From my experience the best results can be gained if you aim to cut the timber at the 8 o’clock mark (imagine the opening as a clock face). Tilt the cutter over to a similar angle and engage. The more horizontal the cutter is as it meets the cutting surface the fiercer the cut. The cutter should be kept in contact with the timber at all times and used in a push/pull or a left/right or right/left type action.

If you’re planning small or large hollow forms we offer a range of hollowing tools to tackle your project and if you need help or advice we can point you in the right direction.