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Wood Lathe Accessories

Grouped here are the wood lathe accessories for mounting your work onto your lathes and tool rest systems to guide your woodturning tools. You will see many Robert Sorby products, in my humble opinion the Patriot Chucks are one of the best woodturning chucks in the market place. I have used the Record, the old Multistar and the Patriot.

The Robert Sorby Patriot chucks are simple to use and have a wide range of jaws which can be quickly fitted; no elastic bands are required to hold the jaws together while assembling the chuck.

We have a range of live and steb centres for spindle turning, screw chucks and face plates for mounting larger bowls. There is a mounting for all types of woodturning. For those turners that feel more adventurous there are the Patriot eccentric and wobble chucks.

We also offer an extensive range of threaded adaptors so we should be able to get your chuck fitting on your lathe spindle.

You will find products from Planet – Rotur range of live centres, ring centres, bobbing and finial mandrels, keyed chucks and more.

Thanks for looking and if we can be of any help, please ask.

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2 Prong Drive Centres

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4 Prong Drive Centres

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649 Mini Screw Chuck

£25.05 (£30.06 incl. VAT)
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75mm Holdfast Vacuum Chuck System

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765S Modular Tool Rest Stem

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766 Modular Tool Rest Crossbars

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767 Tool Bowl Rest

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768 Modular Tool Scraper Rest

£12.70 (£15.24 incl. VAT)
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Chuck Reversing Adapter

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Deluxe Live Centre

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Deluxe Live Centre System

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Drill Chuck Mandrel

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Finial Mandrel

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FPR Robert Sorby Face Plates

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Holdfast Vacuum Adaptor Kit

£49.95 (£59.94 incl. VAT)
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Holdfast Vacuum Generator

£139.95 (£167.94 incl. VAT)
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