Woodturning Tools

Here we list the common hand tools used for turning. You will find a range of bowl gouges, roughing gouges and spindle gouges, skews and scrapers along with some specialised woodturning tools for making threads or texturing your work.

Bowl gouges come supplied in different handle lengths and in some cases they are available as unhandled woodturning tools.

Gouges, scrapers and skews are supplied in HSS (high speed steel) which gives a very sharp cutting edge with the minimum amount of sharpening. You can easily change the profile using a bench grinder or the ProEdge sharpening system.

The Turnmaster range of scrapers, with their interchangeable tips, offer versatility over the standard scrapers with a range of shapes and types of steel. The disadvantages are you will need to keep changing the tips but the advantages are one or two handles and a range of tips will cover all your scraping requirements.

If you are new to woodturning or are just looking for a new set of woodturning tools then why not take a look at the sets that have been put together, these offer excellent value for money.

I would highly recommend investing in the Robert Sorby range of woodturning tools. With 200+ years of experience in the woodworking industry they are without doubt market leaders in quality and design, coupled with their after sales service they have our full support.