Sharpening Tools

Sharpening tools are probably the most important things in any woodturners workshop. Without sharp tools the art of woodturning would be impossible, how would you cut the timber with your gouge.

The cut will always be better with a freshly sharpen tool which will in turn will give a better finish, so the two go hand in hand.

Now just about anyone can sharpen a gouge, scraper or skew, but if the bevel angle is not kept consistent then problems will occur and you will struggle to get the finish on your work.

Some woodturners have problems when it comes to sharpening their tools. But we offer a solution with the Robert Sorby ProEdge sharpening system with its range of jigs to make this task as simple as possible.

Coupled with the ProEdge we offer a range of diamond hones and stones. These are very useful around the workshop, especially if you are using carbide cutters.