Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes don’t just polish the finished woodturning project. They are used to seal the end grain of timber for storage or seal the timber fibers before sanding.

Where do we start, there are so many different wood finishes, A lot of what finish to use is down to personal taste, so it’s a real hornets nest! But if a bowl is being used for food then you will need to use a food safe finish.

We have tried to put together a range of wood finishes that will cover all the need of the woodturner. In the main our range is supplied by Chestnut Products, which is a popular choice amongst woodturners.

There’s an in-depth range of oils, lacquers and wood polish to bring out the very best in the timber grain pattern.

End seal and paraffin wax to seal wood that’s been freshly cut to slow down the drying out process and keep your timber intact for when you want to turn it.

Also we offer a range of bright coloured dyes and wood stains so you can enhance pieces of work to your own design and personal taste.

Coupled with the range of wood finishes we have also added the Chestnut buffing system and other polishing equipment to apply and buff your work.