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Roughing Gouges

Roughing gouges or to use their correct name spindle roughing gouges, are design to do as their name suggests, rough turn spindles.

This type of gouge should only be used to turn the edges off spindles. (a spindle is when the grain of the wood runs along the length of the wood being turn.) They should never be use for any other type of turning due to the design, if used to turn a square bowl blank the end grain corners will breakout and if it not at the correct angle could easily take the gouge out of your hands.

Spindle roughing gouges have a shallow curve to the flute which gives a wider cutting surface. All of this cutting surface can be used to shape the wood by rotating the gouge so that you are cutting with a different part of the cutting edge. Care should be taken when doing this that the ends of the cutting edge do not dig in causing a very bad catch.

Roughing gouges are supplied handled and unhandled and can be supplied in various width flutes, but the most commonly used is the 3/4″.

We only supply spindle roughing gouges made form a quality high speed steel, because the force produced when roughing spindles demands a solid built tool.

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843 Unhandled Spindle Roughing Gouge

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843H Spindle Roughing Gouge

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Crown CRYO Roughing Gouge Tang Tool 1 1/4″

£71.25 (£85.50 incl. VAT)
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Hamlet Spindle Roughing Gouges

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Robert Sorby 888/1 Modular Roughing Gouge

£21.25 (£25.50 incl. VAT)
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Robert Sorby Excelsior High Performance Roughing Spindle Gouge

£79.45 (£95.34 incl. VAT)
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