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Spindle Blanks

All of our Spindle Blanks are sealed with paraffin wax and ready to work with. The range of wooden Spindle Blanks that we offer means that a huge range of projects can be completed, with a variety of finishes and looks.

Some of the most common products to make with these woodturning blanks include candle sticks and table lamps. These Blanks can be used with almost every type of finishing product, so a multitude of effects can be achieved. Please refer to individual products for specific details on finishing methods.

We offer many sizes of Spindle Blanks, so please get in touch if you have any specific requirements that are not listed in the product pages. Please also note that due to the Spindle Blanks being hand cut, sizes may vary.

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Ash Spindle Blanks

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Beech Spindle Blanks

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