Woodturning Tool Sets

Woodturning tool sets for all types of woodturning. When we start woodturning we need to buy a few woodturning tools. Buying a wood turning chisels set is often the best way to start.

Many woodturning tool manufactures group together a range of popular wood turning tools and combine them in to wood turning chisels sets offering great savings on buying all the tools individually.

Where’s the catch? Why would they do this??  Well the main reason is simple there’s no catch, but what the woodturning tool manufactures are doing or hoping for is that you by one of their woodturning tools sets, like them and then stick with them for all your future woodturning tools. (Most woodturners have more tools than they know what to do with) so it works!!!

As a woodturner or someone who is just starting out woodturning buying a woodturning tool set saves you money. In fact the Robert Sorby 67HS wood turning chisels set works out that when you buy one of these from Olivers Woodturning your are getting nearly two tools for free!

At Olivers Woodturning we offer a full range of woodturning tool set’s at discount prices, as I fully support anyone that wants to take up woodturning and could get the same joy that I have received with this incredible craft.