Golden Artist Colors

Golden Artist Colors open up the artistic world of woodturning.

Choose from Interference and Iridescent acrylic colours to create your works of art.

To enhance your work still further there are the Golden crackle glaze, gels and pastes. These allow you to add extra texture and effects.

The fluid acrylic Golden Artist Colors are rich and vibrant and many have colour pigment that have been tested to last 100 years giving archival finishes.

The range of Golden Artist Colors can be painted on by using the heavy body acrylics. For airbrush application simply use the fluid acrylics.

Using the Airbrush Transparent Extender you can get the consistency of flow from your airbrush that you require and the colours go further.

It’s time to unleash your artistic side. It’s time to turn your woodturning in to works of art.