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Golden Artist Colors

Transform Your Woodturning with Golden Artists Colors

Golden Artists Colors lead in quality and innovation in the art world.

Especially known for its top-notch acrylic paints designed for a wide range of creative endeavors, including woodturning.

Unleashing Creativity with High-Quality Acrylic Paints

Golden Artists Colours crafts exceptional products for artists and craftsmen eager to infuse life into their woodturning creations. Golden Artists Colors are a popular choice when air brushing, mainly because of their High Flow paint range.

The Magic of High Flow Paints

These paints are great for painting large areas of wood with bold colors. They are also perfect for adding small details to your projects. The paints have a smooth flow.

This quality guarantees a flawless, uniform coat every time, enhancing the visual appeal and overall value of your artwork.

Vibrant Colors and Durable Finishes

Golden Artists Colours’ acrylic paints have bright, strong colours that make your woodturnings look amazing. They stick well to wood and last a long time without fading, keeping your projects looking bright and beautiful.

Enhancing Woodturned Items with Golden Artists Colors

Golden Artists Colors excel in making woodturned items more attractive and longer-lasting. The vibrancy and longevity they add help maintain the beauty and brightness of your items.

Exploring Texture and Dimension

Golden Artists Colors’ pastes and gels let woodturners play with texture and depth in their work. You can make your woodturning deeper, textured, or mimic other materials for creative and unique customisation.

Top Customisation

Golden Artists Colours lets you add depth, textures, or mimic other materials to give your woodturning projects a special and unique appearance.

Golden Artists Colors offers an exceptional range of products which can enhance your woodturning.

From vibrant acrylic paints to innovative pastes and gels. These are crafted to improve the aesthetic and durability of your work. Turning each piece a lasting treasure.

Embrace the opportunity to expand your artistic boundaries and bring your woodturning visions to life with the unmatched quality and versatility of Golden Artists Colours.

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Golden Artist 6 Professional Acrylics Colours

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Golden Artist Colors Airbrush Transparent Extender

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Golden Artist Colors Crackle Paste

Original price was: £12.92.Current price is: £9.69. (£11.63 incl. VAT)
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Golden Artist Colors Gels & Pastes

Original price was: £24.95.Current price is: £18.71. (£22.45 incl. VAT)
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Golden Artist Colors High Flow Acrylics

£49.99 (£59.99 incl. VAT)
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Golden Artist Colors Interference Acrylic Colours

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Golden Artist Colors Iridescent Acrylic colours

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Golden Artist Colors Professional Fluid Acrylics 8 Pack

£36.25 (£43.50 incl. VAT)
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High Flow Transparent Colours

£49.99 (£59.99 incl. VAT)
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