Bowl Gouges

Bowl gouges have a deeper flute than that of a spindle gouge. The shape looks more like a U when viewed looking down the flute, where the spindle gouge has lower sides to the flute. Also the bowl gouge has a thicker shaft to withstand greater forces.

Designed to cut in a slicing action, the bowl gouge is used to follow the inside curve of the bowl when hollowing out or for shaping the outside of your work.

It can be used to make heavy profile cuts or the finest of light cuts to bring the work to a finish. Once full control is mastered of the bowl gouge there’s not a lot that you can’t do and for many woodturners it’s their main cutting tool.

You will find our range of bowl gouges supplied in standard or longer profile grinds and come supplied with and without handles to suit your requirements.

Bowl gouges offer everything that the woodturner needs for basic woodturning in one tool.