Oliver’s Woodturning Club

Olivers Woodturning Club

What’s Olivers Woodturning Club I hear you ask? Well this is the social side of Olivers Woodturning.

I’m developing a club for my customers. It’s free of charge to anyone who purchases from Olivers Woodturning and signs up for the News Letter.

There will be woodturning demos, challenges and like a woodturning club woodturning competitions.

It will be a place to meet on social media. I have a Facebook group set up where we can show our work ask question of our fellow woodturners and much more.

So why not come and join the fun.




Club Information

  • As members of Olivers Woodturning Club you will be able to post on our forum, ask questions when you need help, and show off your work in the gallery.
  • Earn Reward Points for all your purchases. You need to be a logged in user to earn points, don’t forget!
  • Club members can send us articles about their experiences with Woodturning, such as handy ‘How To’ guides and other resources. Any writer whose article is published will be awarded 1500 Reward Points that can be redeemed on the site.
  • Other benefits are that you will receive our newsletters with feature updates on what’s been going on, plus special offers which are often exclusively available for club members.
  • We would like to be able to match those who need help or advice with those who have the experience and know how. All beginners require guidance, and even Woodturners who have been practising for a while may still have a thing or two to learn.
  • Once we have built a sizeable membership we will be holding monthly Woodturning competitions.
  • We welcome your feedback and ideas. If you have an idea that could help improve the club then please get in touch and share.

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So come and join us at Olivers Woodturning

Help to support the art of Woodturning as well as your fellow Woodturners and have fun!