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Hybrid Resin Blanks

Hybrid Resin Blanks by Bucket Blanks.

These hybrid resin blanks are made with mainly Mallee burr pieces and are designed for Woodturners to spin on their woodturning lathes.

The Bucket Blanks can be used to turn spheres, boxes or anything else that springs to mind. Once turned and polished these blanks are able to offer a stunning, glass like finish.

These are artisan hand made resin blanks by Bucket Blanks so each one will be different. Some are deeper in colour than others and some have misted swells in them. There are some that are multi coloured but no two are the same.

What they don’t have is trapped air within the casting, this we guarantee.

So if you want a high quality resin hybrid blank, look no further than Bucket Blanks.

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