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Woodturning Lathes

Woodturning lathes from KS Drechselbedarf.

To bring a full woodturning package to our customers we have now introduced the KS Drechselbedarf range of Stratos woodturning lathes.

Working with Simon Hope & KS Drechselbedarf we can now offer this versatile range of excellent lathes.

Here we have four lathes in this range to suit the woodturners needs.

There’s the midi FU-350 one horse powered desk top lathe, at one end of the scale. Then we have the three horse powered Stratos XL at the other end of the scale. Each lathe has it’s own benefits and unique features.

With the KS Drechselbedarf woodturning lathes, we feel we are able to offer a complete range to suit most woodturning situations.

With these woodturning lathes you can turn a small spindle or box or mount a seriously large piece of wood.

At present the lathes are delivered direct to your door and due to their size and weight there are delivery charges involved. Where possible we have added these to the cart but you will need to contact us for areas that are not listed.

Please note all of these lathes come supplied and fitted with a German mains plug. We will supply an adaptor plug to suit.

5 year parts warranty.

We also have a range of Stratos Woodturning Lathe Accessories.

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