410 Sandmaster – On Lathe Sanding Kit

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Robert Sorby 410H Sandmaster

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Product Description

The Robert Sorby 410 Sandmaster is a useful bit of kit that allows you to safely sand while the work piece is spinning on the lathe.  The 410 Sandmaster is an inertia sander so you spin the lathe faster than you would normally sand at. The head of the Sandmaster should be held against the work and when in contact with the work correctly it will spin.  Keep the Sandmaster tool head moving back and forth.

The multi-angle head has a Velcro backing to which you can apply one of the Velcro backed sanding discs.  You can then work the sanding head around your work piece while keeping your hands at a safe distance.  The slight give in the Velcro connection is slightly spongy and should help prevent you from digging into your work piece. You may also attach various types of heads to the main tool.  There is an optional 3″ head for this tool, please get in touch for details.

  • The 410H Sandmaster kit comes complete with a 2″ sanding head.
  • 10 sanding discs –  Grits 60, 120, 180, 240 & 400 ( 2 of each).
  • Handle length 81/2″ (215mm).
  • Overall length 111/2″ (290mm).

You may need some additional Sandmaster Sanding Discs.

Robert Sorby 410 Sandmaster Review

For me using it is not the best solution to sand. Sure I have to “learn” using it.
Score: 8/10 (my opinion), otherwise 10/10 (quality).