Ash Spindle Blanks

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Ash Spindle Blanks for your wood turning projects.

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Product Description

Ash Spindle Blanks are hand cut and finished with paraffin wax to the ends, ready for turning.

Ash cuts really well and is easy to sand so you can turn some great looking pieces, such as candle sticks or table lamps.

You can apply any type of finishing product to it, so the finish options are endless. With liming wax you could bring out the grain and change the colour a little, or you could go for something very bright with the aid of a wood stain.

With our range of Ash spindle blanks you can be sure of a quality product. The timber has been cut to size and then the ends sealed with paraffin wax. We offer a range of sizes to suit your project.

Sizing is width x depth x length and the sizes may vary slightly.