Brass Powder

£4.97 excl.Vat(£5.96 inc.Vat)

100g Powdered Brass Filler, mix with resin or CA

Product Code: OWBP100
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Product Description

Brass powder can be used with epoxy resin or CA glue.

The brass powder when mixed with epoxy resin can either look green or gold depending on the quantity mixed with the resin. If you require the filling to look like solid brass or gold then you need to load the epoxy resin with the brass powder until a thick rough putty has formed.

If you want the filling to look green then add the brass powder until you have a smooth paste, it might take a bit of practice to get the levels of powder of resin mix.

When using powdered brass filler with CA put a little powder in to the area to be filled and then add CA. Repeat this process until the area is filled.

The brass powder can be turned and sanded once set.

Supplied in bottles of 100g net weight.