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Crushgrind mechanisms in three sizes, 135mm, 195mm and 450mm.

Unlike other salt and pepper grinders, the Crushgrind does not require the usual top piece retaining stud. The entire mechanism is hidden within your turned shell. The image below shows the grinder on the right. On the left you can see the plastic piece that fits and grips inside the lid piece. With a tight, push fit lid it will not slip off during use. The coarseness of the mill’s grind is adjusted using the wheel on the base of the mechanism.

Supplied pre-assembled.

Crushgrind Blank and Construction Guide

Use a blank that is 1″ longer than the length of the Crushgrind mechanism you have. Drill out your blank with the following internal dimensions. The shape of the exterior of the grinder is down to you. Make note of the indicator for the mill head section.

In order to ensure a good fit it is recommended that you glue the mechanism in place. Lightly coat the inside wall of the hole in the mill head with epoxy and press the stopper into the hole, allow to set. To glue the body mechanism into the mill, you will need to snip off the clip-in-clips. Coat the inside of the body with epoxy ensuring that the epoxy does not interfere with the workings of the mill.

Using a hacksaw cut the hex shaft off leaving 1 1/8″ extending out of the mill body.

The mill head presses down onto the hex shaft. To fill the mill, simply pull the mill head off.


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