Friction Polish

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High gloss polish for small items.

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Product Description

This is a high build Friction Polish due to the high amount of shellac and as such it does not require the work piece to be pre sealed. You can pre apply Cellulose Sealer or Acrylic Sealer if you wish.

  • Use a pad moistened with Friction Polish, do not over saturate the pad and apply to the work piece while on the lathe.
  • The friction generated by the lathe causes the polish to dry instantly.
  • You can also apply off the lathe with vigorous rubbing.
  • For even greater gloss use over a burnished layer of Melamine Lacquer. Then apply Burnishing Cream as a top coat.
  • Should you need to you can use Methylated Sprit based Thinners to clean.
  • Highly flammable.