GlassCast 3

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Glasscast 3 Resin is High Gloss

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Product Description

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GlassCast 3 resin is specially formulated to produce thin but exceptionally flat, high gloss coatings. It contains additives to produce the gloss the finish which makes it perfect for the finishing layer to your river table or other casting.

You should not use GlassCast 3 for layers thicker than 5mm as the additives that produce the gloss may start to impede the clarity of your casting.

The advanced formula expels trapped air as it cures. Once cured, GlassCast is so tough you could walk on it.

If you want to improve the shine on your casting or restore the shine to damaged or dulled casting you can do so using one of the GlassCast compounds.

If you want to add a top layer of colour then pigments can be added.

It is also highly UV resistant.

Recommended for indoor applications only.

24 hour cure time, fully cured after 7 days.

You can download or view the GlassCast 3 Specifications here.

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