Net Abrasive Sheets

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Product Description

This is a hard wearing Net Abrasive, an alternative to sandpaper. It uses blue fired aluminium oxide for a long lasting and clean sanding action.  It is highly flexible and can be bent or folded.  The knitted fabric allows dust generated to simply pass through, keeping the abrasive clog free . Tear resistant but easily cut to shape if needed. Because you can use these with hook and loop style fixings they could be used with sanding tools such as the Simon Hope Pro Sander.

Each sheet measures 70x125mm.

Available Grits of Net Abrasive

  • 80 Grit – 5 or 50 sheets
  • 120 Grit – 5 or 50 sheets
  • 180 Grit – 5 or 50 sheets
  • 240 Grit – 5 or 50 sheets
  • 320 Grit – 5 or 50 sheets
  • 400 Grit – 5 or 50 sheets
  • Multipack – 1 sheet of each of the 6 grits

Net Abrasive Review

I bought the Net Abrasive Multipack.
Sand process is easy and the pads “live” longer than ordinary sandpaper.
The “net” structure really helps the dust go through and it gets slightly clogged.
Good and useful product.