Nova Pro-Tek G3 Chuck Bundle

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Product Description

The Nova Pro-Tek G3 Chuck Bundle is available in Direct Thread, without an insert or with on of a wide range of threads.

This bundle features the Nova Pro-Tek G3 Chuck of your choice plus:

  • 100mm jaws (Code: JS100N)
  • Pin jaws (Code: JSPIN)


  • Rust protection from high quality nickel plating, turn green wood without worry.
  • New and upgraded 50mm/2” PRO-TEK Jaws are stronger and allow greater control thanks to improved dovetail and serrated profiles. Your project piece is pulled into the chuck by the new dovetail design and holds blanks more securely.
  • Jaws are marked by a precise laser etching process for easier and more accurate alignment and setup.
  • The chuck fasteners are now 6 point star type. This reduces the chances of strip or damage and allows greater torque for better gripping power.
  • The new T-bar handle wrench is more comfortable and faster to use.
  • Outstanding manufacturing tolerances and accuracy deliver a higher quality chuck.
  • The geared grip prevents slide thanks to improved holding power.
  • Using jaw slides which incorporate copper, movement is easy and wear is greatly reduced.
  • You can operate this jaw with hand.
  • Marked with reference arrow for quick and fast opening and closing action.
  • Jaw slides are prevented from protruding past the chuck body, an important safety feature.
  • Compatible with your NOVA Insert chucks. Jaw mounting profile is cross-compatible with all NOVA chucks.
  • Safely mount rough material using the the Safe Lock woodworm screw.
  • New design chuck key with sliding T-bar handle.
  • FREE! NOVA microfiber workshop towel (11.5″/29.5mm x 10.5″/27.5mm) for cleaning and maintaining your chuck.
  • 6 Year Full Replacement Warranty.

Note: Direct Thread Chucks cannot accept Insert Adaptors.