ProEdge Ceramic Belts

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ProEdge Ceramic Replacement Belts

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Product Description

Robert Sorby ProEdge ceramic belts for cooler and faster sharpening.

The advantage of using the ProEdge ceramic belts over aluminium oxide and Zirconium belts is that the ceramic belts will generate less heat. This means there will be no distortion of the steel and it will do the job quicker. They will also last much longer.

Ceramic abrasive belts are self sharpening and will provide a more consistent finish to the cutting edge. The 60 grit belts are designed for fast re-profiling of gouges and the 120 grit is used for maintaining the ultimate cutting edge.

ProEdge ceramic belts are more expensive than the aluminium oxide and Zirconium abrasive belts, but you do get what you pay for and if you have invested in quality high speed steel woodturning tools it’s worth paying a little extra for the ceramic abrasive belts.

Robert Sorby ProEdge Ceramic Belts grit range.

  • PE60C = 60 grit.
  • PE120C = 120 grit.

Available as belts from Robert Sorby or as our own compatible belts which are the same thing just without the bag.