Simon Hope Carbide Hollowing Tools

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Straight Hollowing Tool

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Product Description

The square shaft of the Simon Hope Carbide Hollowing Tools forces the carbide cutter to meet the work at a fixed angle. This is because the tool should not roll. Fitted with a Softex handle which is grippy and comfortable.

The Softex handle is a soft easy to grip handle to prevent undue movement of the tool when in use.

The square shaft design prevents the tool from twisting when the cutter is cutting the wood.

These tools are what Simon describes as his Mini 8mm Carbide Tool.

The small carbide cutters used on these hollowing tools cut wood really well and are ideal for making small hollow forms and boxes.

Note you can create an under cut vessel with the straight shafted tool.

If you require more from your Hollowing Tool you may want to have a look at the 6mm Simon Hope Hollowing Tool

There used to be a hooked version of this tool, that has been discontinued and replaced with the Simon Hope 12mm Heavy Duty Hooked Hollowing Tool.

Simon Hope 8mm Carbide Hollowing Tool Review
Simon Hope Carbide Cutters

I’m extremely happy with this tool. It’s perfect for the small scale hollowforms and boxes I turn. The main thing I have to say is take your time and use light cuts, although the tool can and will easily take quite large cuts the more time and care given does allow for a more clean and even finish. The tool is surprisingly heavy for the size and a pleasure to use! The angle of the bar makes it almost impossible to offer the bit to the work at the wrong angle so perfect for the novice hollower like myself.

Quality 10/10

Versatility 7/10

Value 10/10

Would definitely recommend.


Frederick Mitchell.

Simon Hope 8mm Carbide Hollowing Tool Review

The Simon Hope Carbide Hollowing Tool that I bought from you held up to the mark and performed really well. I can recommend it to anyone and is perfect for small to medium size hollow forms.

You don’t have to put any pressure on it as it just glides into the work so easily, so it’s a 10/10 from me.