Simon Hope Deluxe Quick Release Handles

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Product Description

The Simon Hope Deluxe Quick Release Handles, introduced in 2017.

Each handle comes with three colour coded heads. Each holds a different diameter of tool. The heads contain the strong plastic collets. The collets reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to the user.

  • Gold holds 10mm bar
  • Blue holds 13mm bar
  • Red holds 16mm bar

Choose between three lengths of handle, 9″, 13″ and 19″ with a head attached.

Also available as just a handle, without any heads.

Note that heads for older versions of this tool are not compatible with the Deluxe range, use only the colour coded heads.

Additional Deluxe Quick Release Heads are available.

Suitable tools for these handles include the Crown Cryo range and the Simon Hope Hollowing Tools.