Spraycraft SP66 Compressor Airbrush Kit

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Fully Adjustable Portable Compressor with SP65 Airbrush

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Product Description

Spraycraft SP66 Compressor Airbrush Kit for all your airbrushing projects.

The SP66 is the complete kit for the airbrushing artist. It has a retro look with a fully adjustable oil-less piston compressor.

The compressor has a maximum output of 50psi with a gauge to show the output. You can adjust the pressure output from low for standard airbrush paints, or use it at a higher level to spray metallic paints.

Gravity feed Spraycraft SP65 airbrush with a .5 nozzle and needle. 7cc paint cup. This airbrush is at home spraying either standard airbrush paints or metallic paints.

This is a dual action airbrush. Pressing the trigger down releases the air and a pull back on the trigger releases the paints. The artist has full control over how the paint is delivered.

This Spraycraft SP66 Compressor airbrush kit is fully portable so you can airbrush wherever you want to create that master piece.