Sycamore Bowl Blanks

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Pre-Cut Sycamore Woodturning Bowl Blanks

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Product Description

Sycamore bowl blanks are prepared ready for the woodturner.

Many woodturners do not have the equipment or the time process timber ready for turning, so we have put together a range of bowl blanks to suit your woodturning. These bowl blanks are kiln dried and have been end grain (rim) sealed with paraffin wax.

Sycamore bowl blanks are a great way to start; the wood cuts very clean and is easy to sand so you can get some great looking finishes.

Sycamore can be oiled, painted or waxed to suit.

If you require other sizes not listed please call, we have some very large boards and can cut to a size that suits you.

This bowl is an example of the colour and grain of the Sycamore Bowl Blanks.
Sycamore Bowl

Sycamore Bowl