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Unicorn Spit Paints


Unicorn Spit Paints for Woodturning Artists

Unicorn Spit paints to brighten up your woodturning.

The Unicorn Spit range of paints can be used as much more than just paint. By adding water you can have a gel, dye or wood stain.

The versatility of these paints means they will also work well on china, concrete, glass or metal.

With 14 colours to choose from, there are so many options to create the colours that please you. There’s also a further six sparkling colours so the possibilities are endless.

You can water down Unicorn Spit as a stain or dye due to its high pigment content there is no loss of colour. It can also be airbrushed.

When the paint is watered down it penetrates deep into the grain of the wood, so that the natural beauty of the grain comes shining through the stain.

You could also try giving it a cheeky dirt pour and see what effects you can create on your woodturning. To use the dirty pour technique just add Floetrol

There’s another benefit with Unicorn Spit. The paints come scented with the sweet smell of Jasmine. The sparkle also is scented with Lemongrass.

I have videos on the many applications that the Unicorn Spit can be used to enhance your woodturning.

Great range of colours with some fun names. I’m not sure the names will catch on in the woodturning world, but hey the paints great to work with.

  • Black – Midnight Blackness
  • Blue – Blue Thunder
  • Cyan – Zia Teal
  • Green – Dragons Belly
  • Grey – Weathered Daydream
  • Dark Brown – Rustic Reality
  • Light Brown – Squirrel
  • Orange – Phoenix Fire
  • Pink – Pixie Punk Pink
  • Purple – Purple Hill Majesty
  • Red – Molly Red Pepper
  • Teal Green – Navajo Jewel
  • White – White Ning
  • Yellow – Lemon Kiss

Then in the sparkle range we have.

  • Sparkling Blue – Sapphire Swift
  • Sparkling Gold – Golden Gosling
  • Sparkling Green – Lavish Lovebirds
  • Sparkling Pink – Starling Sasha
  • Sparkling Red – Dolly Firebird
  • Sparkling Violet – Violet Vulture

Unicorn Spit is supplied in 118ml or 236ml bottles. There’s also a set.

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