Vessel Callipers

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Robert Sorby Vessel Callipers 21/2″, 5″ and 10″

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Product Description

Vessel callipers are designed for reading the wall thickness of hollow forms and vases.

  • Vessel callipers have one straight leg and one curved. You are able to take readings even with the smallest of neck openings due to the callipers arc.
  • Readings can be taken at either end so you don’t have to remove the calliper making it quick and simple to understand the amount of timber that has been removed.
  • Following the inside wall with the curved leg you can see how the inside shape compares  to the out.
  • Available in 2 1/2″ (63mm), 5″ (127mm) and 10″ (250mm).
  • Size is taken from the pivot point to the tip of the calliper.