Yorkshire Grit

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Yorkshire Grit takes the hard work out of sanding

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Product Description

Think of Yorkshire Grit as a liquid sandpaper. Use after your initial dry sanding and before applying your final finish.

You need to sand your work to 320 grit and make sure there are no tooling marks. Yorkshire Grit will not remove tooling marks. Then apply the Yorkshire Grit with the lathe stationary. Apply Yorkshire Grit with a paper towel in a circular motion. Turn the lathe on and work the Grit with the paper towel. You can hear and feel the paste cutting. Continue working the Grit until there is no remaining residue.

The abrasive powders in the Grit break down as they are being used, resulting in finer particles and a smoother finish, it will be like using 600 or 800 grit sanding cloth.

The work should be dry by the time you have finished the process and then it’s time to apply your wax/polish finish.

For great results use the Grit and then finish with Hampshire Sheen High Gloss.

227g tins.

Yorkshire Grit Review
Bowl finished with Yorkshire Grit

The best “sanding” paste. Works really! After sanding and using Yorkshire Grit I achieve a very smooth
surface, ready for applying wax finish (not only the “Hampshire Sheen” High gloss).
I feel how the abrasive particles break into finer particles and sand finer and finer.
Every time great result.