Zap A Gap CA Glue

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Zap-A-Gap CA Glue Medium Viscosity 20 Second Curing Time

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Product Description

Zap A Gap CA glue has a filling formula which is well suited to gluing small cracks in timber.

The Zap A Gap CA glue has a curing time of around 20 seconds. It works well on hard woods and can also be used on oily surfaces.

CA glue, which is short for Cyanoacrylate (super glue), is also used by pen turners as a wood finish to give the pen a hard wearing surface. It can also be used on other woodturning projects as a finish.

Zap describe this as ‘a medium viscosity CA glue which also works well on veneers’.

We supply Zap a Gap in three sizes:

  • 28.3g (1oz)
  • 56.6g (2oz)
  • 113.3g (4oz)