Zap Z-Poxy

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Product Description

Zap Z-Poxy is a clear two part epoxy resin which dries clear once cured.

Zap Z-Poxy is available in two setting times – 5 minutes or 15 minutes – giving plenty of time to work the epoxy resin into areas in the timber that require bonding or filling.

With this type of resin you can also mix in wood dust, brass power, gold flake or any other type of filling that you might want to use in order to hide or enhance the section that you are working on. Once cured, the epoxy resin can be turned away with the wood.

The Z-Poxy is vibration resistant and fully sandable.

We supply Zap Z-Poxy epoxy resin in the following sizes:

  • 5 minute cure 4oz (113.3g)
  • 5 minute cure  8oz (226.6g)
  • 15 minute cure 4oz (113.3g)