Olivers Woodturning Newsletter #5


Olivers Woodturning Newsletter Issue 5

Issue 5

Hello to our new club members

Well, here we are on the 1st April, where has the first quarter of 2015 gone? Hello to our new club members, membership numbers have shot up recently. Its good to see that we are reaching new people every month.

Olivers Woodturning attended our first and only woodworking show of the year and met up with many of our customers and online friends and I have to say it was very nice to meet you all. All the stock was returned to our small showroom. It took a while but it allowed us to make some changes to the display.

Let’s get started.

Good News Everybody!We have been busy sending out our catalogue to those that requested a copy. If you requested one you should have it by now, we have been through the entire list. You can still ask for a copy, just send an email.

Pens for Heroes

Before we get to the usual newsletter material I would like to highlight something a fellow woodturner has put together. “Pens for Heroes” has been set up by our forum member and woodturner known to many as Woody. He has been turning for many years and now does a lot of his work for charity.Woody is looking for support in the form of donated turned pens, pen blank and any unused pen kits.We are supporting Woody and the Pens For Heroes group.

Community Contributions

Woodturning Tutorials
Colouring Wood Tutorial
We have a new article on how to colour wood in our tutorial section.  This is an insight on how to tackle decorating your woodturning to make it a little different.  Colouring your woodwork can be great fun and it can turn some bland looking pieces into something unusual and interesting.

Do you have an article in you?

Don’t forget we reward any article that we publish with 1500 reward points. These can be used against any purchase. Help us build a useful resource for our fellow woodturners.

Forum activity

The forum has been a little quiet recently, I must get my act together and start posting as this can be a very useful woodturning resource for tips and tricks but it will take some work and needs the support of the club members. If you have anything to share with your fellow woodturners please post on the forum. If we can get the ball rolling on this then others will join in.

The gallery has a few posts with some interesting work being shared.

Two African Blackwood Chalis Boxes.
Coloured Horse Chestnut Burr Bowl.


Who is coming to Kent this month?

  • Garden of England Woodturners host Greg Moreton on Saturday 4th April.
  • Kent Woodturners have a demo by Les Thorn on Saturday 18th April.

Demo dates to put in your diary for May

  • Garden of England Woodturners demo by Ray Key 2nd May.
  • Orchard Woodturners demo by Les Thorn 9th May.
  • Kent Woodturners demo by Kevin Hutson 16th May.
Do you have an event you would like to publicise? Get in touch and we can include your event here.

Exclusive club discount

This month our exclusive savings code is for a 15% discount on Klingspor J Flex Sanding Cloth.

Use the code clubkj15 to apply the discount.

Don’t forget that you still earn reward points with every item purchased.

That’s all folks!

You have reached the end of issue 5 of our newsletter.

That’s it from me for this month. I’m off to post on the forum and get back to the workshop to turn another creation.

Happy Woodturning


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