Colour Wheel

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Create a work of art today add colour to your woodturning.

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Product Description

The artists colour wheel shows us the colours that work together well. They teach us which opposite colour would be tonally correct. These are things that we must learn if we are turning our woodturning into works of art.

If your going to be creative with your woodturning, using an artist’s colour wheel will help us understand tones and colours to make our work stand out.

One side of the colour wheel gives a guide to mixing colours. The reverse side gives detailed complimentary colour information that will help use make the right colour choices. As a result our work is more pleasing to the eye.

Select a key colour and the wheel presents three types of complimentary colour suggestions. It’s as easy as that.

It’s time to create colour, it’s time to unleash the woodturning artist within you.

Approx 22cm in diameter.

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