Copper Powder

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100g Powdered Copper for a rich finish

Product Code: OWCP100
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Product Description

Copper powder offers a rich golden colour to contrast with the wood.

Part of our powdered filler range the copper powder offers endless opportunities to fill to enhance splits and cracks in your woodturning.

The copper powder needs to be mixed with either epoxy resin or super glue (CA). When using with super glue the split or crack is filled in layers. You pour a little powder into the split then add the super glue and then some more powder and so on until the split is filled.

When using with epoxy resin the powdered copper is mixed in until you have a stiff putty. This putty is then pressed into the crack or split.

Copper powder can also be use to decorate the wood, apply super glue to the surface and then sprinkle on the powder. Once dry brush away the excess. Repeat if necessary or until you have the finish required.

Powdered copper filler is supplied in bottles of 100g net weight.