Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax

Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax

£11.66 excl.Vat(£13.99 inc.Vat)


Product Description

Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax is designed to be used on open grain woods, such as oak or ash. It works brilliantly to highlight textured elements on tighter grained woods. Use in conjunction with the Intrinsic Colour Collection for stunning results. Apply liberally, after having cleaned the grain with a brass brush, then buff to a gloss. There’s no need to wait overnight for a gilt cream to dry. Dries quickly, apply an overcoat after just a few minutes. Suggested finishes are Hampshire Sheen High Gloss, Original or Microcrystalline.

Creates a coating that will resist all but the most vigorous attempts to rub it off.

Choose from Silver and Gold.

Supplied in a 130g tin.

Hand mixed.