Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax


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Product Description

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Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax is designed to be used on open grain woods, such as oak or ash. It works brilliantly to highlight textured elements on tighter grained woods. Use in conjunction with the Intrinsic Colour Collection for stunning results. Apply liberally, after having cleaned the grain with a brass brush, then buff to a gloss. There’s no need to wait overnight for a gilt cream to dry. Dries quickly, apply an overcoat after just a few minutes. Suggested finishes are Hampshire Sheen High Gloss, Original or Microcrystalline.

Creates a coating that will resist all but the most vigorous attempts to rub it off.

Choose from Black (C Wax), Silver, Gold, Bronze, Electric Blue, Electric Green, Electric Purple and White ( Ti Wax).

Hampshire Sheen Black Paste Wax contains carbon black pigment with Carnauba in addition to Micro-crystalline wax for a hard wearing finish. Its contemporary look will enhance open grained woods such as Oak or Ash.

Hand mixed.

Supplied in individual 130g tins or as an 8 pack sample pot set.

Embellishing Waxes New 60g pots are now available

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Black (C Wax)
  • White (Ti Wax)
  • Electric Green
  • Electric Blue
  • Electric Purple

These waxes work brilliantly with the Intrinsic Colour Collection of stains.

Hampshire Sheen 60g Embellishing Wax Gold

Hampshire Sheen 60g Embellishing Wax Gold

Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax Application

  1. For the best finish sand down to at least 400 grit.
  2. Use a soft metal brush to open the grain of the wood.
  3. Clean the surface with methylated spirit and a clean cloth.
  4. With the lathe stationary, rub the Wax deep into the wood.
  5. Buff off the excess.
  6. For extra shine apply a coat of Hampshire Sheen Original, High Gloss or Microcrystalline Wax.

For use on indoor, decorative items only.

Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Paste Wax Safety Concerns

  • Contains Hydrocarbons.
  • Flammable.
  • Do not ingest.
  • May cause drowsiness.
  • Only use in a well ventilated area.
  • Irritant to skin and eyes. If the product comes into contact with eyes wash thoroughly and seek medical advice.
  • Wear suitable protective eye and hand wear.